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Military Crash Pads


-Am I allowed to stay off base

According to the Joint Federal Travel Regulation, you are allowed to stay wherever you would like.  

-How much is it to stay in the crash pad?

The cost to stay in our crash pad is the same as it is to stay with one base lodging.  The Air Force will reimburse you while you are TDY at Altus for your lodging, thus, there is NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE to you.  Lodging charges $56 to stay on base and $77 for living off base with a Non-availability letter.  It is a "use it or lose it system," thus we will charge $56 and if you obtain a Non-A letter, we will charge $77.  Finance will reimburse you completely.

​-Can I use my GTC to pay for a room?

Absolutely!  You may use your GTC or any personal credit card.

-Is there a lease agreement when I arrive?

​A standard lease agreement will be given to every tenant to sign.  It will state the terms and conditions expected of both parties. The lease agreement is required by finance in order to submit your voucher.

​-When will I be billed

We will charge your credit card every Monday.  An invoice will be emailed to you for your records.

-Will I need anything for the house

Absolutely NOT!  The Crash Pad is completely furnished and has everything you will need.  Just sit back, Relax, and Enjoy your stay with us